Music. Where would we be without it? There are a very few things that can elicit such a wide array of emotions in an individual and unite people together as effectively as music. Over the years, there have been a lot of class acts emerging from all over the world, captivating listeners with their works of art. But what about India? With our country being as vast as it is, there is bound to be a lot of musical talent emerging from the country. And there is. In fact there is such an abundance that, ironically enough, a lot of it goes unnoticed. Throughout our history, music that has come out from the mainstream in India, a.k.a Bollywood, has simply stolen the spotlight from the gifted pool of artists diligently working on alternative forms of music. These artists have crazy potential that, in most cases, cannot be fulfilled due to a lack of opportunity. The main cause for that lack of opportunity being the audience. Or rather a lack of one.

That’s where we at Indie Bullhorn come in. We are a fan based, non-profit DIY initiative that aims at not only bringing a lot of these hidden gems into the spotlight, but also to help fans in getting to know them better and perhaps even establish a connect with them. We will be sharing a lot of indie music, news about upcoming albums as well as interviews with a variety of talented artists across different genres of music on this blog. And of course, being a fan based blog we welcome all to send us articles about the act, album or song they love and think everyone should know about. We will publish them under the sender’s name.

So watch this space for more interesting articles. Till then, keep spreading the word and more importantly, keep the music playing.




Thank you for reading! Leave your thoughts in the comments section! If you aren’t bored to death yet and want to follow what we do, please connect with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. And if you’re interested in sending in your articles and suggestions, please do mail us at


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