The Colour Compound


There are few bands as aptly named as The Colour Compound. Their music is, put simply, colourful. The beautiful blend of acoustic elements with light drum and bass along with the mellow electric guitar makes for a unique experience. With the soulful melodies and different vocal textures, you are bound to sing along and tap your feet. Personally, I think what sets this band apart is their lyrics. You may not get what exactly they’re trying to say in your first listen, but when you’re dancing to their melodies for the billionth time, they just might hit you hard. From gems like ‘Porcelain People’ and ‘So I’m Told’  to one of my personal favourites ‘You Make Me Me’, they surprise you with every song as you groove to every beat. Also it is lovely to see the space they might get into in the future with songs like ‘Re-Arrange’ and ‘What Lies Inside’. Fans like me are eager for their next release, but it won’t be long before we would wanna ‘Turn Back Time’ to relive the joy of listening to the amazing music this young band has to offer.

We talked with the band about their music, influences, thoughts and their overall journey so far. Here’s what they had to say :

Q1) What are the origins of The Colour Compound? At what point did you guys decide to pursue music professionally?

The band started off with Bradley and Rohan in 2009, who used to play as an acoustic duo called the Hollow Bodies. After a few shows we wanted to move to a full band setup and got Adil and Aditya to join on Bass and Drums respectively. The unit ended up working really well and every jam resulted with a brand new song. We had all been playing music professionally as individuals with different projects but as The Colour Compound we started in late 2009 early 2010.

Q2) The Colour Compound has a fresh and a unique sound that sets it apart from a lot of other indie acts. Who would you cite as your main influences musically?

Each of us brings different influences to the sound of the band. Some of the common elements are bands like Dave Matthews Band, Incubus, Third Eye Blind, Dispatch. Individually we all listen to a bunch of different styles from R&B, Metal, Drum n’ Bass.

Q3) Music is pretty hard to explain in words, especially when one makes vibrant compositions like The Colour Compound. However, how would you describe your music to people who haven’t heard you yet?

Its really just simple music with some catchy melodies and grooves. Lyrically the music is easy to relate to, its mainly about stuff happening in our lives and the people around us.

Q4) You mention how ‘By Your Side’ is sort of the song that defines you. Is there any other song which the band unanimously holds special?

That song would probably be something from a few years ago. We don’t even play it live since the sound has changed considerably since then. Some of the new material is something that we would hold special. ‘Holding on the Hope’ is the current favourite since its new and not been played that much.

Q5) You’ve a interesting story of how the name was decided. Colour associating to the sound and compound because you wrote your music in your building, aka, compound. Are there any other fun titbits or facts about the band’s journey so far?

Our first international gig was in Bangladesh. It was pretty cool since we were representing India in the Dhaka Rockfest which had bands from other South Asian Countries. Outstation gigs are usually the most eventful.

Q6) You also say ‘Both the good thing and bad thing about it is that we get money to do this’. As a band who have left their mark in the alternative pop-rock scene, what do you think about the scene today? What do you think should change?

The money factor is good and bad as it keeps you stable financially but it can sometimes stifle your creativity and the honesty that goes into your music. The scene is evolving pretty well, if anything there should be more venues to play at and more investment in live music. Also more original music. There’s some serious talent in this country so its awesome to hear some more homegrown material.

Q7) We simply love the way you guys approach your music and lyrics. Even your live performances are stellar. Is there any advice you would want to give an upcoming indie band?

Just keep working at it, set long term and short term goals to keep you in check. Keep the music honest and be confident at every step. Audiences will appreciate that. Network constantly, a big part of the scene today is good networking.

Q8) You last activity was ‘Holding on to the hope’. Your fans want to know when is your next release?

We are now focussing on writing a lot of new material so maybe in a month or two. Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page to know more.


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Here’s the link to their website.

Links to buy their debut album ‘From Where We Stand’:

OK Listen!



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