Run it’s the Kid


It’s been a long day. You just want to kick back and relax, preferably to some good music. In your search for a suitable soundtrack, you come across a band named ‘Run it’s the Kid’. Deciding to give them a shot, you give their debut self-titled album a spin. Unsure of what to expect from this outfit, you wait for the first few notes to waft out of the speaker. What you feel next is something like this:
Imagine a vast amphitheatre. Imagine a vocalist with an acoustic guitar (Shantanu Pandit), a pianist (Dhruv Bhola), a bassist (Danik Ghosh) and a drummer (Bhairav Gupta). The atmosphere is brushed with golden lights coming from the fireflies dancing to the melodies of the performing band. No, I’m not being dramatic. These are the very images that flood your thoughts as you go through each of the ten tracks of the Delhi based act’s gem of an album.
RITK’s album is filled with dream like piano sequences, rustic guitar progressions and atmospheric bass lines as the drums whoosh over the individual songs. Each track is colourfully structured and the stand out lyrics are presented beautifully by the distinct and calming vocals. The non-linear songs are layered with soothing vocal melodies and glittered with starry instrumentations. While the album feels like it lies within the domain of waltz music, one can feel the variety of influences that have contributed towards the unique sound in each track. One of my personal favourites is ‘One Time’ because of its chant like vocal melodies, folksy guitar patterns and it’s gradual increase in intensity as the song progresses. ‘Souls To Save’ is another because of it’s enjoyable drum sequence. The band’s versatility is seen with songs like ‘Aimless Quest’ which has a darker ambience. The album offers something for everybody and it is compels you to put it on loop as the compositions reach the very depths of your soul.
RITK is one of the hottest upcoming acts in the indie scene with their unconventional blend of various forms of music refusing to let listeners go since 2013. Having played various gigs since then, the band’s debut album has been a long time coming but it was clearly worth the wait. With their stellar album being made up of a few of their compositions over the years, one can easily understand why they were selected as a city finalist in the Converse Rubber Tracks event. With potential like this, one can be sure that the members of the band are bound to be stars as they waltz their way ‘To The Moon’.

We got to speak with Shantanu about the band’s latest album, their journey so far and about the indie scene:

Q) How did RITK come to be and what made you guys choose a waltzy style of music? Especially considering the fact that Shantanu, you started off as a singer-songwriter and Dhruv, you played for Prateek Kuhad. In what ways do you guys feel these experiences shape your outlook, especially when it comes to composing music as a band?

Bhola and I started writing songs together about four years ago. We started RITK a year later, and Bhairav and Danik joined shortly after. I dunno, Bhola and I were just really into writing songs in three for a brief period of time. Not all our songs are “waltzy”, it’s just that we wanted our album to be somewhat thematically connected and to form one cohesive sound. So when we were deciding the track-list, we chose to leave out a bunch of songs that weren’t in the same space. We’re really not a waltz band, it’s just this album sorta sounds like it has a vague underlying waltz feel. Our next record is going to be very different.

Q) Your debut album is finally here. It’s been a long time in the making. How do you feel?

Excited! It’s been way too long. Also kinda anxious. I hope people dig it.

Q) You have mentioned that the recording of the album started last year at Blooperhouse Studios in Kolkata with Miti Adhikari as the producer. What was the entire experience of recording the album like?

It was pretty cool. We recorded most of the album live, so it didn’t take us very long. We tracked ten songs in about a week. Working with Miti has been one of the biggest learning experiences for all of us. We had tried recording the album earlier with a friend, and we took really long, and were really anal about everything, and that didn’t work out so well for us. With Miti, it was a lot more relaxed, and we realised that when you’re making records, it’s easy to get caught up in a bunch of shit that doesn’t really make a difference. Also Calcutta is a super chill city. being away from home definitely made the process a lot more productive.

Q) What are the things that inspire you to make music and who are your main influences?

We’re all into different styles of music, so it’s kinda hard picking individual bands and labelling them as influences. Also, that stuff keeps changing. Music is pretty much the biggest factor in our lives, and for us, making music is inspiring in itself. It’s what makes you want to do it over again and again.

Q) Your album is really refreshing and it was an amazing experience to listen to it. Could you speak a bit about each track on your album?

‘Forgetting How to Swim’ is about falling out of love.
‘Love, we’re made from Porcelain’ and ‘June’ are about having your heart broken.
‘The Big Parachute’, ‘Aimless Quest’, and ‘Souls to Save’ are songs about pointlessness in one’s day to day routine/human activity. They’re about being bummed out by life in general.
‘A Great Big Scare’ is about the manner in which society and expectation come together to project the image of how one ought to be/behave/come across.
I don’t really know what ‘Haste’ is about, really. It’s kinda like a note to myself about how I was feeling at the time.
‘One Time’ is about a love-hate relationship and ‘To the Moon’ is about being honest with yourself. Bhola wrote lyrics for these two.

Q) Listening to your album was both a privilege and a treat. There are so many great songs on it! Is there any one track that the entire band considers special? Or a track you love playing live?

Yeah I think we all agree that Love, we’re made from Porcelain is a good song and we always play it at shows either first or second so that we start real strong. It’s Bhola’s favourite song. My favourite song on the record is June. Danik likes Haste, and Bhairav just told me his favourite is A Great Big Scare.

Q) You guys have been gigging since 2013. There are bound to some memorable to even downright weird incidents along the way. Could you share one such interesting incident with us?

When we put our first single up for free download last month, we didn’t realise that we had the entire album up for free download instead. I think 5 people downloaded it the same day lol. Umm yeah, I can’t think of much else. We aren’t very cool.

Q) A lot of acts from a variety of genres are emerging in the country with the rapid rise of the indie scene. Where do you guys think that waltz acts like yourself stand in that aspect? Also, what changes do you feel should be made in the scene?

Yeah the scene is growing super fast and there’s some really great bands making killer records in every city. I dunno, I think the scene’s doing pretty good, no complaints really. The only thing falling kinda short is the touring circuit, but it’s picking up everyday.

Q) An amazing debut album aside, what do fans have in store for them this year?

A couple music videos, a tour, merch, and new music hopefully. Maybe even another record, you never know.


A huge thanks to RITK for that interview! Don’t forget to check out the links below. Also, be sure to like RITK’s Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel.


Here’s the link to their Bandcamp page.

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