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I guess the purpose of this article is self explanatory. Here’s some stuff that have recently been released or will shortly be released that you should check out:-


  • Pune based post rock outfit Celestial Teapot released their debut album ‘One Big Sky’ on the 4th of December. Available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp, this masterpiece of an album is something every fan of instrumental rock should check out. It can also be purchased on OK Listen!.
  • In further good news for post rock fans, Delhi based band Ioish (Eye-o-ish) also released their EP ‘We Move the Sky’ on the 20th January. Available for free streaming on Soundcloud, the album is another testament to the growing post rock scene in India. Really worth checking out. The album can be purchased on iTunes.
  • Renowned composer Karsh Kale released his album ‘Up’ on the 29th of January. This chart topper (enough said) is available for streaming on Apple Music and Bandcamp. You can also purchase it on iTunes.
  • Bangalore based emerging DJ and designer Shaan Shiv Suleman released ‘Calculated Risks’ EP on the 17th of January and ‘The importance of misunderstandings’ EP on the 7th of Februrary. Definitely worth a listen if you’re into trip hop and glitch. Available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.
  • Independent record label Consolidate released it’s first album, ‘FRNDS & FMLY ‘16’, a compilation of songs by various electronic artists across the indie circuit like founders _RHL and Aniruddh Menon of the erstwhile Machli, on the 27th of January. This compilation has a bit of something for everyone and is definitely worth checking out if you want to get a glimpse of the talent producing music for a vast catalogue of electronic sub genres. Available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.
  • Mumbai based electronic artist Kumail released his third EP ‘Links’ on the 6th of Feburary. Fresh and filled with vibe, this EP contains a song featuring Sandunes, with a bonus track with Ox7gen coming shortly. Do check it out.
  • “The Circus” released their third album ‘With Love’, after a gap of three years, on the 2nd of March. The Delhi based rock band is known for frequently experimenting with their sound, and this album does not disappoint. Listen to ‘With Love’ on GQ India.


  • The release of Lead Feet Paper Shoes, Spud in the Box’s eagerly awaited debut album is just around the corner. The album seems to be in the final mixing stages so it shouldn’t be long before we hear an announcement by the band.


Here are some upcoming gigs:

  • Head over to Blue FROG Mumbai on the 5th of March to catch Nucleya and the one and only Baba Sehgal performing for what is going to be the last event of the Stage42 festival this year. Tickets are priced at 1000 bucks a piece.
  • Be sure to check out the semi-finals of Bandcubator at The High Spirits, Pune on the 6th of March if you’re looking to have a great weekend with some awesome music. Eden, Skylight Vision, A Mutual Question, Unohu and Silver are all going to duke it out for a spot in the finals. Entry is a measly 100 bucks per head, payable at the venue.
  • This one is a feast for metalheads. Metal Assault, taking place on the 6th of March in Bangalore, will feature Kryptos, Demonic Resurrection, Undying Inc., The Down Troddence, Chaos and Inner Sanctum. With so many powerhouses under one roof, you can be sure that your neck will be sore after all that headbanging. Tickets can be bought via Bookmyshow.
  • Lucid Recess and Aberrant perform at the Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill, Guwahati on the 11th of March along with five other bands to mark the city finals of the Converse Rubber Tracks event. RSVP to enter.
  • Sky Rabbit headlines the Converse Rubber Tracks city finals at The High Spirits, Pune on the 12th of March. The event will also feature five other talented bands from Pune who will be announced shortly. You can also vote for your favourites from the city. Again, entry is free. Simply RSVP here.
  • Indie March, one of the biggest music fests in India, takes place on the 19th and 20th of this month. With the event promising to showcase over 30+ artists from across the globe, it is one event that any music fan shouldn’t miss.
  • Punk Rock night with ennui.BOMB takes place on the 22nd of March at the Blue FROG Mumbai. Entry is free so go and have a great time bringing out the rebel in you.Thank you for reading! If you want to talk about a band you love, or a band you think everyone should know about, please leave a comment or send in your mails to indiebullhorn@gmail.com. You can also mail us if you have any articles you’d like to send. To see more cool stuff like interviews, album reviews, release updates and lots more, stay tuned. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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