Ambient Rock Bands – Part 1


The Indian independent scene has seen the emergence of a lot of new genres. Instrumental and ambient rock bands are one of the relatively newer trends. There’s a lot of talented acts out there that make some fantastic music. In this two part article, we bring to you a few acts, in no particular order, that have caught our attention and undoubtedly deserve yours.




Based out of Bangalore, Farfetch’d started out as Akash Murthy’s bedroom project which eventually evolved into a three piece band post the inclusion of Siddharth S on bass and Vinall Blaze on drums after the making of the act’s debut album, The Alchemist. A true masterpiece of an album that hooks you right from the first note, The Alchemist makes for a great atmospheric experience that simply cannot be described in words. The numerous elements, both live as well as electronic, combine masterfully to create soundscapes that only a few albums can match. With a complete lineup and more great stuff in the pipeline, we simply cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.



  • Based out of Ahmedabad – Check
  • Post Rock – Check
  • Hindi Vocals – Check

Whether it be the band’s love for lowercase letters or the combination of the points mentioned above, everything about aswekeepsearching seems to be a breath of fresh air. Founded in 2013, the band comprising of Uddipan Sarmah on vocals and guitar, Shubham Gurung on guitar and keys, Bob Alex on bass and Gautam Deb on drums has quickly made its mark on the international post rock scene having toured Russia already. And with a debut album, Khwaab, like theirs, one can understand why. Filled with haunting vocals, surreal guitar pieces, driving basslines and energetic drumming sequences, this is an album that any music fan must listen to.

A Mutual Question


Another band that started out in 2013, this Mumbai based act consisting of Siddharth Chopra and Proteesh Ravi on guitar, Homi Rustumji on bass and Aviraj Kumar on drums is one that believes in creating an audio-visual experience through the amalgamation of diverse forms of music. And they surely are experts in doing just that. Having released two EPs so far, Eyes Everywhere and Strangeloop, A Mutual Question exhibits their versatility over the course of their discography by incorporating everything from electronic elements to metal worthy drumming patterns. This is one act that everyone should definitely keep an eye out for.




A post rock project from New Delhi made up of Ritwik De, Amar Pandey and Suyash Gabriel, Zokova is an act that is really worth checking out. They made their presence known by releasing a series of interlinked songs that highlighted the various emotions one went through on a daily basis but more often than not, failed to acknowledge. It makes for a compelling tale that really showcases the band’s immense potential and is a must listen. They have recently released a music video and are working on a variety of new material.




And finally we have another post rock act based out of New Delhi. With Vaibhav Bhutani on guitar, Abhinav Chaudhary on bass and Anshull Lall on drums, Ioish (Eye-o-ish) is an act that has really made it’s mark on the Indian post rock scene, which is particularly impressive since they only recently released their debut EP We Move the Sky. An EP that is as soothing as much as it is heavy, Ioish kills it with this release and have found instant fans in us.


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