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imageedit_2_6597243938Man.Goes Human is an act that prides in calling itself strange and different. So I decided to find out what really sets them apart. I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s why you should check them out:

  • They know where to put the full stop in politics (yes it’s in their name).
  • They have a song with Ba Ba Black Sheep as the chorus and still managed to make it deep.
  • This
  • Shirtless performances by the guitar trio for the ladies. Or the guys too; we support the community.
  • A kickass debut album that takes you on a mini tour of a variety of genres. Yep, these guys are not kidding when they call themselves an experimental act.
  • On the topic of albums, the cool looking album art on their debut album was actually a result of a Google search.

I think what’s clear from all this is that M.GH is one act that is not only different, but thrives in being different. The harmony in diversity and the pretense-free music despite constant experimentation is something that’s a breath of fresh air. This is something that is reflected in everything they do, whether it’s catching the eye of CNN-IBN for an election parody, or the streaming of their one of a kind crowd funded Father’s Day song all across India. With all this taken into account, this Delhi based act consisting of Noni on guitar, Paul on vocals and guitar, Kaprila on vocals, Shitij on bass and Anhad on drums is one to keep an eye, or rather both, out for.

We spoke to Shitij about the band and a few other things. Check it out.

Q) You guys have performed at Singapore, South Asian Bands Festival and a lot more; could you describe your journey through a Man.Goes Human song lyric?

Below are the lyrics from a few of our songs that describe our struggle to establish a different brand of music since our inception:

The memories of pain | 
That make me different from you. (from Fading)
I try to scream | 
But what’s the point in screaming (from Fading)
Liars, all, 
Are preachers of hate | Twisting all the sanity within | Twisting all the sanity within (from Fading)
The light that glowed within, That has now been dimmed. (from Fading)
Don’t look at me I’m just a young boy, trying to get myself
 in the middle of nowhere (from No See)
Let me feel this song
 | Let me be what I can be! (from No See)
Some things worth crying, dying, defying, every single day (from eeeee)

Q) What was your first memory of a indie gig in Delhi? How has the scene changed since then?

On of our very first gigs was at Café 27 in Kailash Colony 4 years back. We were playing along with another band and the crowd was quite decent. Covers were more appreciated though, originals not accepted well enough. Have seen this tide change in a few years though; this could also be attributed to us establishing our brand of music in a better way over the years. People now are more receptive, if you involve them in your acts (which we love to do).

Q) Your Facebook’s about says : ‘Deep lyrics, strange music, stranger people’. There have been some lineup changes over the years. How do you still manage to keep the lyrics deep, music strange and yourself stranger?

There have been a few changes in the vocals and drums, yes. But the core of the band remains the same with both brothers on the guitar and bass. People who have recently (speaking relatively) joined had different influences but have been really open to adapting to the band’s sound. This in a way has helped us experiment more with our sound, while still adhering to our original sound.

Q) What are the things about the scene that make you go ‘eeeee’ in a good way and bad?

Good: People adapting to original music. A very close-knit music community that interacts and gels well. Certain venues* helping independent artists make a mark.

Bad: Venues* expecting us to pull audience as they have no clout themselves. People still want covers- hence we have to mix and cater to the needs. We always get 1-2 people who say “Kuch Hindi/Punjabi baja do”.

*can’t name venues for obvious reasons

Q) Sharan and Shitij, you guys are brothers. Do you think it affects the band and the music that comes out of it?

Well kind of becomes easier for us to jam at home at odd hours (considering we both are working at day jobs too!). Our wavelengths match very well when it comes to establishing our sound. Don’t think it affects the band as such; there is no sense of favouritism happening. Rules are rules, be it brothers or even our hot vocalist (Kaprila)!
Also, no one calls him Sharan (its Noni in the band!).

Q) Kaprila, what advice would you give young female musicians who would like to enter the independent scene?

As per Kaprila, “It’s never too late to start and no dream is too big to achieve. Keep at it, with all you’ve got and it will all work out. Don’t just sing – feel the song, the energy, perform your heart out. Its not only your singing that they want; they want you.”

Q) You guys have done around 100 gigs. Which are the most memorable ones?

Well past the 100 now! South Asian Bands Festival was an eye opener as it was a big, big platform when we were not yet established. It actually pushed us to be more professional. Singapore tour was amazing; we got an idea how receptive an audience could be to your own music. The gig at High Spirits, Pune revealed how people want more original music and not yesteryear’s established covers.

Q) What’s the rest of the year like for Man.Goes Human?

We have a lot of gigs lined up in the next three months, both in Delhi and outside. Just did one at High Spirits, Pune. Looking to make more original music, release a few singles, and perform in various music festivals this year.

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Check out Man.Goes Human’s website.

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