Ambient Rock Bands – Part 2


Here are some more bands that we really think are worth checking out. Find more awesome bands in Part 1 of this series.

Celestial Teapot


In their own words, Celestial Teapot is an antithesis to a capella. The description is certainly one that fits, with the awesome Pune based instrumental quartet making some great music over the past year which all culminated in the release of their stellar debut album, ‘One Big Sky’. Full of heavy riffs and melodic progressions, this record serves as an emphatic statement about both this band’s as well as the instrumental rock scene’s enormous potential.

Check out the interview we did with CT.

Until We Last


When it started off five years ago, Until We Last was a one man bedroom project started by the immensely talented Ketan Bahirat, otherwise known as the electronic music producer Oceantied. Now, several additions and a kickass debut EP ‘Earthgazing’ later, the Bangalore based act is truly making waves in the circuit with their brand of music. One listen to Earthgazing and it is clear why Until We Last has been billed by many as one of the most promising acts in the country’s post rock scene.

Mushroom Lake


Mushroom Lake is one act that gives you everything it promises – a substantial high with a lot more where it came from. Based out of Kerala, this five man band has been around for a long time making them one of the first psychedelic/post rock acts in the indie scene. And their debut album (which was recorded live) definitely showcases why there can never be enough of their music out there.

Space Behind The Yellow Room



All that you need to know about this peculiarly named band can be found on their debut album ‘Conversations that Determine a Life’. Versatile, unpredictable and genre-defying, Space Behind The Yellow Room is truly a beauty to behold when in full flow. It really doesn’t take a lot of ‘Beautiful Repetition’ of their tracks to make them teach you how to dance.

Cat Kamikazee


An act fresh in the scene, Cat Kamikazee might be just over half a year old, but they surely have hit the ground running. With three tight singles out already, this Pune based quartet is definitely one to keep an eye out for over the coming few months. They show great promise.

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