What went down at Nucleya’s Album Launch.


You can’t help but get romantic when you think about the indie scene. The torch has been passed from the veterans, from Great Independence Rock to Razz Rhino, to Blue Frog, to NH7. Over the years there have been several torchbearers who have been youth icons and influenced entire generations. It seems the scene is stronger than ever now and at its forefront, is India’s Bass Raja, Nucleya.

The scene truly has never witnessed anything quite like the Nucleya phenomenon. This torchbearer has set the whole country ablaze and garnered a massive fan following. This Street Boy has put in years of hard work and perseverance and has finally emerged as the Jungle Raja. So it didn’t surprise me that they had booked the lavish NSCI for his album ‘Raja Baja’s launch. The massive response to it however, did leave me speechless. But then again, if there is someone who is the master at dropping jaws and bass, it’s the motherfucking Nucleya.

Here’s what happened at the biggest album launch the indie scene has ever witnessed :

> The organizers really do know what the audience wants. For throughout the show there was a hilarious voice which would sound right at home in a Hindi wildlife documentary, that addressed the audience, keeping them chirpy with jokes on the acts, Justin Bieber and India’s favourite new DJ, Bobby Deol.

Image result for bobby deol dj memes

> Power-packed opening sets from Ritviz, Sick Flip, SA, Sound Avtar, Su Real & Anish Sood served as testaments to the high quality of the gig. There simply was never a dull moment throughout the show!

> The palpable excitement was scaled up with the surprise entry of Tanmay Bhat & Rohan Joshi of AIB right before Nucleya took the stage.

Image result for rohan joshi and tanmay bhat

> Finally the Bass Raja made his royal entrance with a gold crown.

> The entire experience was enriched with amazing visuals by Wolves which consisted of glimpses of the Koocha Monster, Bass Rani, Raja Baja and what seemed like hilarious GIFs of Hema Mailini in a Nagin costume!

> The Koocha Monster of a crowd raved in his cracking set consisting of old favorites, new songs and mixes and his renditions of Bollywood classics like ‘My Name Is Lakhan’.

>  There was a special performance by Avneet Khurmi singing ‘Laung Gawacha’ & ‘Aaja’. And the crowd sure did love this Bass Rani!

Image result for avneet khurmi and nucleya

> Since Nucleya loves treating the crowd, he brought in the Gully Gang with Divine who simply blew everyone’s mind with his energetic performance!

> Which reminds me, there is a new Nucleya x Divine song which you need to watch out for! How excited are you?

Image result for divine nucleya

> Nucleya closed the set with a rather moving speech about the scene, his place in it and the Nucleya family. It was magical!

So where do we go from here? I mean the past indie scenester wouldn’t have believed something as huge as this would have happened and the present scenester is still trying to get hold of this moment. But we wish Nucleya all the more success and hope he pushes the bar way further from here and so does the scene. I could end this article with some random inspirational crap about music and the scene and the people but eh…fuck that shit.

The opening acts:

Nucleya’s set:

And the epic conclusion:


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