Oceantied: Tribes EP Review


Musicians are hands down the most interesting breed on the planet. It makes me smile how intriguingly talented they can be at times. For instance, when Ketan Bahirat is not on guitar duties in the lovely post rock act Until We Last and it’s world of soulful atmospheric music, he’s slaying it in his electronic avatar and making you dance as Oceantied. His new EP ‘Tribes’ speaks volumes about his diverse music capabilities.

‘Tribes’ is purely pumped with energy and edginess. There’s neither a dull moment nor any time to take off your dancing shoes. You’ll be dancing through the entirety of this four-track stunner. I love how aptly the EP is named. All the songs play off as modern tribal anthems for people to dance around the fire create by the DJ on the floor. There is some interesting stuff being done revolving around the repetitive vocals in tracks like ‘High’ & ‘Groove N Move’. However, a personal highlight would be ‘Streets’ done in association with Red Bull Music Academy. The choice of elements along with the quirky interludes and overall sonic appeal make it a standout.

Maybe the Until We Last fan in me wishes that Ketan should’ve explored more sounds with this EP. But overall ‘Tribes’ is a delight and a testament of the influence the multitalented Ketan Bahirat is going to have on the scene in the years to come.

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