Kumail : ‘Links’ Album Review


I pride myself in being an ardent grunge/rock fan. My roots lie heavily in the sounds of Pearl Jam, Nirvana and so on. My close minded nature rarely made way for gaudy electronic music to enter my playlists. But I vividly remember the beautiful moment when the songs of this young artist gave me an entirely fresh perspective of electronic music and its capabilities.

Kumail is a young down tempo electronic artist. There’s something ethereal about his sounds. It’s free flowing and delicate. There reason why his music was so jolting, because of its sheer distinctiveness even within the nascent indie space. It’s borderline cruel to label his music as ‘electronic’ only. There’s a lot of intricacies for the listeners to revel in. The victory lies in the fact that his music can be both feather like and powerful at the same time.



His twelve track album ‘Links’ is one special experience. What Kumail does in these few minutes has more depth and richness than the hours of glittery ‘club’ music forced down your throat. There’s just a plethora of sounds and textures used throughout the album. From natural sounds to few Indian instruments, this album is definitely experimental to say the least. Masterfully using these variety of sounds together with just the enough restrain to avoid any kind of overkill. It makes you feel pensive, melancholy, happy and groovy. All these elements perfectly ‘Linked’ together.


A personal favorite would be ‘She Sand Sea’. I remember being blown away by the fact that an electronic track could be so intimate. It almost feels romantic.


Having said that, I’m still skeptical about the translation of this kind of music in a live set up. Would I step out to have the same kind of experience that I can have with my eyes closed at home? I’m not sure. I hope I get to see Kumail live to be surprised yet again. However, what’s more important is an artist being true to himself. An artist pushing the boundaries. And I truly think Kumail has successfully done that, making ‘Links’ one of my favorite albums of the year.

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