BRNSCTR : Artless Album Review.

20127-brnsctr-main-i3.jpg‘Artless’ is as enticingly abstract as the accompanying cover art. What the talented Abhinav does with his sampler and headphones all the way from Patna, Bihar is simply hard to ignore. This ten track album is a breath of fresh air.

The sounds can be both colorful or have a subdued appeal. The songs can be structured or mysteriously random.

The initial tracks are charmingly atmospheric. Originating from a down tempo space, they don’t fail to soothe the listener. We can sense a great deal of influences in terms of the choices of the samples and instrumentation. The track ‘Suite A.Early Morning Live Up (27.03.11)’ is a treat given the Indian raga like appeal to its underlying sample.

The album takes a darker turn with the gritty ‘Suite B. Be Kind, Please Die(23.10.12)’. The deep house flavor complementing the softer initial tracks gives us a great taste of the sonic range this artist has to offer.

There’s a great variety of instrumentation. The track ‘Suite C. Jodorowsky//Lessons Of Faith’ has a tribal drum and bass with a velvety flute flowing through.

Some of the latter tracks don’t come off as interesting or experimentally brave as their predecessors. The entire tape has no concrete structure due to the varying track length of the songs. However, there is no speck of doubt that the artist has a lot to offer. Claiming that he just wants to make music he wants to hear at this moment, with no intention of going live anytime soon, we sure hope Abhinav keeps doing what he does. For this album is all art, nothing less.

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