When Chai Met Toast : The Joy of Little Things EP Review


Happiness needs to be elicited delicately through the medium of music. You can sugarcoat your lyrics, glitter your sounds and force feed your way into a listener’s playlist, but that won’t last. To linger in someone’s mind, truly connect, musicians need some kind of honesty to their craft. And a young band from Cochin have successfully done so with their debut EP, ‘Joy Of Little Things’.  

 When Chai Met Toast. If the band name doesn’t crack a teeny smile, I don’t know what will. Effortlessly euphoric, saying anything mildly negative about this band’s music is like complaining how your grandma feeds you too much. It’s just love. With great passion and sincerity, the band aims to evoke a single feeling, joy. It does so via great instrumentation, groovy hooks and upbeat vocals.

 The music is powerful. Happy genres sometimes can be bland. But this EP is sonically mesmerizing. There is a variety of instrumentation dealt with precision in each song. It’s hard to believe that it started off as a two-piece collective that has expanded and has been winning hearts in such a small span of time. For someone who has had the pleasure of seeing them live, it’s magical to see these young lads pushing themselves to the fullest to lift the crowd’s spirits. They don’t fail to deliver live and they haven’t failed to deliver with this EP.

The only complaint, that it might be too sweet for someone’s palate. It’s only so many times that one can loop this and embarrass themselves whilst dancing in public. But then again it’s like going to the Chocalate Factory and saying, ‘Um, Mr. Wonka, do you have anything spicy in here?’. This is what you’ve signed up for. So use the golden ticket and enter the world of When Chai Met Toast as they make you sing, dance and most importantly, smile.

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