The name is a bit self explanatory itself. If you’re into feeling like a penguin swimming through an ocean of zen-worthy lush soundscapes, Zenguin is probably for you.

A duo based out of capital city, Zenguin serves as yet another testament to the quality of the booming instrumental scene in the country with their take of electronic ambience infused with live elements which, while not being a novel concept in itself, comes as a breath of fresh air by virtue of their impeccable execution.

The act has wasted no time in making their mark on the scene, with two EPs out in quick succession over the past year, the latest of which, Toska, was released not long after the start of 2017.



Ambient, fresh and intricate; that’s Toska in a nutshell. It may only be a couple of tracks long, but that’s enough to give you glimpse of what the new project might have in store for you.

Coming not long after their debut EP Binary Breakfast, another release that’s worth listening to, Toska sees the band move in a bolder direction, with clear improvements seen on their previous work as they get more comfortable with their identity. Taking a more experimental approach, the duo employ the use of subtle tempo changes, unconventional drumming and math rock-esque guitars, all while maintaining an all encompassing atmosphere through the wise use of electronic elements that gels brilliantly with the foreground.

Zenguin has definitely set the tone for what looks like a prolific year ahead for them with this timely release. With their next EP Kensho coming out in a matter of days, It’ll be interesting to see where the act goes from here. 

Q) How did Zenguin come to be? What is your aim with this project?

ZENGUIN happened through sheer coincidence or synchronicity, when two school mates met years after passing out from school and decided to make music. Although there is a myth that ZENGUIN has been around since prehistoric times, being by taken up by various musicians through the ages.

Our aim has always been to generate large quantities of quality music.

Q) Can you tell us a bit about your latest EP Toska and your upcoming release Kensho?

TOSKA is about isolating yourself from the world and entering a contemplative state for self reflection and KENSHO is about expressing the insights gained from such an experience.


Q) What is the creative process behind your compositions? Do you find your work influenced by any non musical aspects?

The creative process of our compositions revolves around finding the right blend between : analog-digital soundscapes, modern-vintage vibes, chaotic-easy listening, complex-simple arrangements.

The distinction between musical and non-musical sounds is a blurry one, we tend to find inspiration from movies, books, people and everyday experiences.


Q) You guys have released two EPs now and a lot of singles apart from those in a very short period of time. Would you attribute this prolificacy as a result of you guys being in a good space creatively? Or are these tracks something you have been working on for a while and feel that it’s the best time to showcase?

Its actually a bit of both. Also, like we said :

Our aim has always been to generate large quantities of quality music.

Q) Both your EPs feature some incredibly detailed artwork revolving around Buddhism, the making of one of which has been shown in your video for Toska. Could you tell us a bit about how they came to be and how they relate to your music?

The TOSKA artwork was a result of our collaboration with a group of incredibly talented artists, where the artwork and music complemented and inspired each other.

We don’t really subscribe to or wish to promote any one particular religion, but we often find inspiration from Zen ideas and philosophy.


Q) You guys have stated that you will be collaborating with various artists during your live sets. What do you look for in a collaboration? Is this a format Zenguin prefers to follow?

ZENGUIN is primarily a duo, where the two of us write and produce the music.

Our collaboration with different musicians depends on what we feel is the best way to perform the songs according to the particular set or setting.

Q) What’s your take on the music scene? Do you feel that experimental acts like yourself get enough love in the country?

The quality of music that is being made by people from the scene today, some of whom are our friends and peers, is absolutely incredible.

Its great to see a lot of experimentation and new ideas being explored.

The amount of love and recognition that we have got already in the short span of time we’ve been around, is amazing!

And we hope that it only grows from here on out.

Q) On a similar note, are there any acts from the country you look up to? How different do you feel is it for an act to get its music out now as compared to around 10 years ago?

We really dig a lot of acts from the country like : Zokova, Submarine in Space, Perfect timing, Corridors, Skyharbor. to name a few.

Technology has made it much easier to get your music out nowadays as opposed to a decade back, both in terms of producing, as well as promoting.

However, there is a flip side to this as well, since there are a lot more acts and hence its harder to make a space for yourself.

Q) Two EPs down and another to come shortly. What’s next for Zenguin?

We’re looking forward to releasing a lot more content, and playing lots of Live shows, Starting off with our upcoming gig on 23rd March at AntiSocial, Delhi!

Cheers to Zenguin for that interview! Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest releases including the imminent Kensho EP.

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