Kumail: ‘From You To Blue’ EP Review


It’s great to see artists evolve with the material they put out and it’s fair to say Kumail has done precisely the same with his new EP, ‘From You To Blue’. 

Released by Mumbai’s independent record label ‘Knowmad Records’, this 7-track EP is thematically structured. The songs are vibrant and somber at the same time. If you are familiar with Kumail’s previous work then you wouldn’t be surprised by the obscure and subtle sounds that whizz by frequently. 


With this EP, Kumail flirts with a lot of danceable textures. There are a lot of garage sounds for you to groove along to. A personal favorite would be ‘Blue You’ which has a sweet guitar riff smoothly flowing through it. 

Even though I’m a massive fan of Kumail’s previous album ‘Links’, it wouldn’t be fair to bracket him in a certain space given that he clearly has a lot more to offer. This EP does lack the softer ethereal elements of ‘Links’ but it’s not to discredit the new musical direction he has embarked upon. Wonder what he’s got stored for us next!

Also, Kumail’s going on a sweet tour in the coming month. So if you are in town, check him out!




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