Aerate Sound: ‘Only For External’ Album Review


Aerate Sound is a Bangalore based audio/visual duo who recently released their debut album ‘Only For External’ via Consolidate Records. While Naquash orchestrates the visual elements of the act, Joe Panicker paints with sound. This interesting powerhouse clearly shouldn’t be missed.

This nine track album is an interesting blend of smooth basslines, vibrant melodies and a diverse range of subtle sounds and samples. There is a clear sense of precision in the arrangement of sounds making all the songs feel rich.

The opening track ‘Nafiri’ is really indulgent with it’s rough folk appeal followed by a softer and immersive groove. We have tracks like the quirky ‘Soul Harvest’ and the hypnotic ‘Battle’. However the highlight of the album would be the gritty ‘Down Baby Down’ featuring Bangalore MC Smokey The Ghost. It has a really dirty hip hop beat to it. Smokey’s slick cadence along with his suave lyrics drive the song home.

At times the tracks on the album do feel too long. Some tracks lack the sense of experimentation when compared to others, making it feel repetitive. But all in all it’s an interesting album. What’s worth keeping in mind though is that simply giving the album a listen won’t do complete justice to the act as the other half of it deals with visual artistry. That being said, I am excited about Aerate Sound’s future projects and even more excited to see them live!

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