Akash Vincent : ‘Singer-songwriter’ is not a genre.


“For a long time I really had a problem with how ‘singer-songwriter’ is referred to as a genre”, says Akash Vincent. This statement is perfectly applicable to Akash who  recently dropped his sophomore EP ‘Polaris‘ which creatively explores varied sounds palettes like pop and r&b tied beautifully together by his voice and songwriting skills.



Akash’s music journey started off with being a metal drummer back in college but he finally found his footing in being more of a solo act. His influences range from the likes of Sting, Bob Dylan to local acts such as Soulmate, Donn Bhat & Red Mawkin. This 5-track EP is a follow-up to Akash’s debut effort ‘Postcards’.


Initially to be named as ‘North Star’, this EP is a reminder to be true to one self. This expression is encapsulated perfectly in the bouncy opener ‘Who I Am’. In an era where electronic music is on the forefront, it can be tough for ‘traditional’ singer-songwriters to find their space and be honest to their craft. Akash says, “It’s really easy to lose track of who you are and who you want to be.”

Staying true to the opening statement, there’s not one song that sounds remotely similar to the next. He manages to soulfully use a variety of instruments and meshes them together to deliver a distinct sound. His creative efforts were equally critiqued and supported by his collaborators Nikhil Mawkin, Abhinav Khokar & Gaurav Chintamani. Akash also keeps the band in mind while writing the songs and welcomes any sort of feedback. He says, “Musicians come in with their own colors and it is always welcomed.”


A personal favorite would be the track ‘Anyway’ which has an overall sense of excitement and tension created by the cello melody flowing through the song. Inspired by how much effort gets put in to the packaging of albums like ‘Meteora’ by Linkin Park, Akash made sure the EP had a visual appeal. Each songs has its individual artwork created by the artist Nadini Bansal.


At this very moment, Akash is tirelessly trying to push the EP and honing his craft as a live performer for the gigs in the upcoming months. It’s evident that his presence can no more be ignored as one patiently waits for his next set of songs. With EPs like these, Akash is likely to become a star of his own in India’s independent music galaxy!


Akash Vincent - live at Depot29

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