Easy Wanderlings : Decide what you want people to experience.


“You gotta be worried when things are alright”, says Sanyanth Naroth. His infectious enthusiasm cuts right through the lazy Sunday morning vibes. He’s equally grateful and vigilant to the overall appreciation his band, Easy Wanderlings, have been getting lately. He continues to passionately talk about music, his journey, the band, and of course their debut album, ‘As Written In The Stars’.

For the longest time Easy Wanderlings had been quite the faceless band. Communicating solely via their music and artwork, not even the ardent of fans knew where the band came from or how many members it had.  Sanyanth insisted that the art had to come first and all he wanted was people to – “hear some good music, sit back & relax”. Things really blew up for the Wanderlings when their single ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ made it on the playlist of the YouTube channel ‘Mostly Strings’ and garnered international recognition.

The band was co-founded by fellow wanderling Malay Vadalkar who happens to also be the recordist/mixing engineer for the album. Both have known each other for 10 odd years making even the most intense of creative disputes feel like “fighting with a sibling”. Pratika Gopinath was brought on board when her mesmerizing vocal chops perfectly fit the melody of ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ and the songs that followed. Soon enough the wanderling family easily expanded to more members and even more places, with the wanderlings hailing from the likes of Pune, Darjeeling and Denmark.

Describing their sound as a ‘music journal’, the 8-track debut album is the testament that the wanderlings have come a long way from their first entry of home recorded singles. The entire album chronicles multiple stories of love, loss, ambition and everything in between, laced beautifully together with soulful acoustic melodies. A personal favorite would be ‘Dream To Keep Us Going’ as an intriguing intro if followed by some energetic chirpy tunes.  Sanyanth insists on always delivering a high quality product and giving it your best. He says, “Decide what you want people to experience.”

The wanderlings have currently cherry-picked only 8 songs for ‘As Written In The Stars’ and have kept some for future records. They have couple of exciting gigs on their way including the Barcadi NH7 Weekender later this year. They also have a music video out for ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’. Due to the single’s initial international success, they have found a great following overseas and when asked if they plan to tour abroad, Sanyanth says, “We have to. There’s no question about it!” So it’s safe to they have already taken steps to write the next chapter in this music journal, but we just might have to wait for a little while. Till then, enjoy while it lasts!



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