Sri : The Indie Scene’s Spirit Is Inspiring.

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A new addition to the family of several singer-songwriter releases this year is a delightful self-titled debut EP from Mumbai based indie artist Sri.

Srijit Bhowmick has been writing his music for almost 9 years, but it wasn’t until recently that he decided to take his talent to the stage and to people’s ears. “I came to a point in life where I felt overwhelmed by the amount of material I had written. So, I put up a show of my own with a little help from others in Jan ’16. That was my first gig as Sri”, says the singer-songwriter who then released the three-track EP. The song ‘Am I Here’ got included in Apple Music India’s weekly playlist : ‘The A-List : Indian Pop’.

Sri cites a varied range of musician from the Indian scene as his influences. He says, “It was mostly the spirit of playing one’s own music against all odds that influenced me more than anything else from the Indian indie scene that I was exposed to.” Being a Bengali himself, a lot of Bangla acts such as Cactus, Fossils and Anjan Dutta influenced him. But the more he got exposed, the more indie bands made into his playlists. “Started with Zero, big fan and was hooked to their songs. Parikrama’s ‘But It Rained’ followed. Then Blackstratblues, big fan. ‘Anuva’s Sky’ by Blackstratblues is still one of my favorites”, says Sri. From the newer lot he likes Parvaaz, Prateek Kuhad, Shantanu Pandit, Imphal Talkies, Nikhil D’souza and more.

If the EP can be described in one word it would be : potential.“I wanted to represent the wide variety of songs I penned down over the years in terms of musicality, songwriting, vocal capabilities, range of topics, and so on and so forth, through my debut release”, says Sri. He is a distinct songwriter with a voice yearning to tell a story. He’s truly experimental with his voice and you can almost hear the emotions pour from his words. Sonically, it predominantly consists of his acoustic guitar and his voice with occasional keys and other instruments trotting along. On the raw instrumentation he says, “Creatively, I wanted to keep the essence of my songs intact – make them sound just how I wrote, imagined, and wanted them to be or as close as possible”. Sri had to strike a balance between the creativity of capturing the natural folksy roughness of his songs with the perils of the limitations that comes with being a independent musician. But he sure made it work, he says, “Satyajit Ray’s films are a great example, if you know what I mean, as he would easily turn his limitations to his advantage”.  Even though there were times in the EP where his ambitious vocals would eat up the words he sang, there’s no doubt Sri is bound to leave a mark and has a long way to go.

Sri doesn’t want a particular genre to succeed, but the individuals and the entire scene to grow. “I like the universality of what we are as individuals. The nature of making music is such that it may require all sorts of talents, and craftsmen and craftswomen. We need more of them primarily be it singer-songwriters, instrumentalists, songwriter-musicians, instrumentalist-songwriters, sound engineers or whatever. And then at different stages of operations, we need those who form the support system around them and/or help in terms of turning it and their own efforts into legit businesses or entities as well such as publications, music journalism, lawyers, artist management companies, venues, sponsors, fans, listeners, helping hands and the whole range of things. Each of us have specific roles we can play and excel in, and I wish we all keep on striving to do that primarily to the best of our abilities.”, says Sri.

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Sri is really keen on playing more shows and taking the EP to different places. He is hoping to connect to musicians and people on the business side of things of the scene. Who knows there might be a music video or a tour on the way? Well, we for one can’t wait!



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