Hearts + Fields EP : Review

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Zokhuma‘s recently dropped ‘Hearts + Fields’ EP is rich and equally refreshing.

As the SoundCloud description suggests, this two track EP is – “the result of a little love, a lot of rain, a never ending forest and a cozy cottage in the south of Sri Lanka.” This paints a vivid picture as the entire EP feels intimate and pretty. It twinkles with really colorful sounds. While ‘Hearts’ feels acrylic in terms of tone, ‘Fields’ is punchier with its house influences.

The only complaint being if the songs were more structured and didn’t feel like two long mixes. This 14 minute, 2 track EP does lose its charm post the first few listens. However, this is a great introduction to Arman Menzies aka Zokhuma and the fields of sounds he’s plans on sowing to captivate the hearts of future listeners!



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