Clouded North : ‘Resilience’ is about fighting through challenges and achieving your goals.

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“The concept of the EP is based around the name ‘Resilience’, which is about how every person has a lot of negativity and challenges thrown at him/her every day. But it’s all about getting yourself up, dusting yourself and fighting through those challenges that help us achieve our goals”, says Thejus Nair aka the man behind Clouded North.

Thejus is a musician & a studio/FOH engineer from Bangalore. The former rhythm guitarist for Cheisrah has finally dropped a solo project under the moniker ‘Clouded North‘.

Listen Here.


“The name ‘Clouded North’ is basically about how the direction you would like to move towards and the path you wanted to follow is always filled with uncertainty and hurdles”, says Thejus. The debut release of this project is a hard hitting four-track EP called ‘Resilience’. The associating artwork plays with the similar idea of pushing through obstacles. In the artwork by Joanna Davala, you can see that there are rocks heaved at the person, but as he/she is made of stardust and IS literally the universe, nothing can really stop him/her from achieving anything.

The entire EP shines in perfectly blending heavy sounds with captivating melodies. The tone is really meaty but sticks with you for its use of harmonic tunes. We have tracks like the haunting ‘Resilience’. The track ‘Confront’ is soulful and gives the EP the additional dimension.

There is also fantastic vocal performance by Abijith Rao on the track, ‘Race To The Surface’. “It was such a pleasure working with Abijith on the song. He’s such a genuine guy and gives it his all when he has to get things done, which was great for me as I hate babysitting and forcing people to get stuff done. Abijith heard the song, liked it, got started with writing the lyrics and then came over to the studio in a few days to record. That’s professionalism right there”, says Thejus.

Thejus runs the Eleven Gauge Recording studio where he works with bands and handles recording, mixing & mastering. “For the guys starting out, I would only advice you to get into this field if you’re obsessed about music and making music and the whole subject of audio. There’s no glamour in this career and if you think there is, you’re highly mistaken. This job is all about being passionate about music day in and day out and knowing how to communicate with your clients”, says Thejus.

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While he has plans of going live, it won’t be anytime soon since it’s tough finding like minded musicians for him. He does have a lot of song ideas so you can expect new material from Clouded North. Well, looks like there’s no stopping this audio wizard!



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