Sez On The Beat : My aim is to set a benchmark of quality.

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“My aim was to set a benchmark of quality”, says the prolific hip hop producer Sajeel Kappor aka Sez On The Beat who produced rapper Prabh Deep‘s riveting album, ‘Class-Sikh’.

It’s no surprise that the underground hip-hop scene of India is booming. But little do people know that one of the key figures instrumental in orchestrating the sound of this movement is this young Delhi based producer. Other than busting out the bangers from ‘Class-Sikh’, Sez has also produced some of the hottest joints the Indian hip-hop scene has ever witnessed. From Divine’s ‘Jungli Sher’ to Naezy’s ‘Asal Hustle’, Sez has successfully conjured the flair and oomph this scene has grown to be known for.

“Being Tiesto was my goal back then”, says Sez reminiscing about his early days of production where he was heavily into mash-ups, remixes and electronic music. When asked if he ever plans to go down that road again Sez laughs and says, “Absolutely not. I cannot tolerate EDM music now.” He later stumbled onto hip-hop and immediately got fascinated by production citing Dr. Dre, Noah “40” Shebib & Metro Boomin as some of his biggest influences.  He finally decided to take production seriously when encouraged by Mumbai based rapper Enkore and others. After that, nothing was the same.

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“I try to make a beat per day”,  says Sez. Between playing video-games and going to the gym, Sez spends most of his days in front of his computer cooking up some fresh tunes. He says the abundance of hip-hop music in today’s world prevents him from falling into a creative rut, for there’s so much to be inspired by. He religiously uploads ‘type beats’ on his YouTube platform and markets it to a variety of hip hop fans to buy. It could range anywhere between Anderson .Paak type beat to Future type beat. Sez says, “All I care about is that whoever picks up the beat should treat it with well.”

The ‘type beat’ is a clear testament of the vast spectrum of sounds Sez frolics in. Being a fan at the core really allows him to incorporate the various elements of this expansive genre. While working with an artist he credits the singular crucial factor for any fruitful collaboration to be – communication. Sez says how rapper Prabh Deep crashed at his home for almost two years during the making of ‘Class-Sikh’. They used to talk about whatever was happening in each other’s life and Sez would then work on the tones of the sounds to help Prabh pull out the corresponding emotions.

Another important aspect of this creative’s professional career is that he’s one half of a producers wrecking crew called ‘StunnahSez Beats‘. Sez together with Stunnah are proud owners of the ‘StunnahSez Beats’ brand where they collectively sell their music. This collaboration was born out of their admiration for each other’s work. Sez also tends to produce for Stunnah when he is rapping. This powerhouse duo are pushing their brand and music globally by a concrete combination of talent, hard work and professionalism.

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While Sez has a lot of projects under his belt for 2018, he’s in no hurry to ever release his solo project or to go live. He’s grateful for the current state of hip-hop but is fully aware of the life cycle of any genre in a country like India and does know that few years down the line hip-hop might lose its touch. For now he’s putting his head down and doing what he does best : produce like there’s no tomorrow.



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